How Old Do You Have to Be to Vape

In the US, the legal age to vape is 21, according to the law. This was established by the Tobacco 21 law that was passed by President Trump in December 2019. Prior to the passing of this law, individual states and cities had varying laws regarding the age one must attain in order to vape. Most were ranging from 18 to 21. 

President Trump decided to push a national law on the legal age allowed for vaping because the rise in the popularity of vaping has not been unnoticed. It became obvious that relevant steps need to start being taken toward the regulation of vaping.

There are currently no penalties for underage purchase, use, or possession of vaping products. At the moment, the responsibility falls on retailers to uphold this age restriction. Still, it is a moral responsibility that vaping products retailers have to take on themselves 

This same law applies to both zero-nicotine vaping products and products that contain nicotine. The rule categorized e-cigarettes, vape juices, and their components as tobacco products. This means that these regulations apply to all of these products, regardless of whether or not they contain tobacco.

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