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Best Pod Vapes for 2023

The growing trend of using vapers and moving away from vape tanks and mods has seen a rise in simple and portable pod vapes. If you are among those who want to join the trend, below are some of the best pod vapes in the market right now.
The Vaporesso XROS 3
It has a sleek and ultra-portable design. The vapor features a large 1000mAh battery as well as an airflow control slider. It allows you to adjust your draw to your own preference. 
The vape comes with two clear pods that have a 2ml capacity and …

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How to Spot Fake Vape Products

Counterfeit products have become a problem in many industries The disposable vape market has been affected by counterfeit versions of popular products as well. So, how can you know fake vape products and pick the legit ones instead?
1. Purchase from a Reputable Source
To avoid purchasing fake vaping products, you should buy from a reputable store, whether it is online or in person.
2. Check the Authenticity Label
Manufacturers of vaping products label their products with a code to …

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Best Nicotine-Free Vapes 2023: Disposables and E-Juices

Quitting nicotine does not mean quitting vaping altogether. There are nicotine-free vapes that offer the same experience but without the addictive substance. Here are the best nicotine-free vapes in 2023. They are selected based on their flavors, performance, quality, and availability.
Cube Zero
It is a nicotine-free disposable vape device by Vaportech. It is available in more than 15 flavors including fruit, tobacco, and menthol. It has 3000 puffs of nicotine-free vapor. The vape features adjustable airflow and long-lasting flavor.

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Best CBD Vape Pens 2023: Disposable and Refillable CBD Pens

Tribe Tokes
TribeTokes offers disposable CBD vape pens. Their vapes are produced with pure full-spectrum CBD oil. It allows for blending with other cannabinoids, not just CBD.
They have lab test results showing precise information about the exact quantities of CBD, THC, CBG, terpenes, and other cannabinoids in the vape pen. Each vape pen contains full-spectrum CBD distillate and plant-based terpenes. 
The vape pens contain about 75% cannabinoids, 10% terpenes, and 15% of other oils and extracts from …

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