Best CBD Vape Pens 2023: Disposable and Refillable CBD Pens

Tribe Tokes

TribeTokes offers disposable CBD vape pens. Their vapes are produced with pure full-spectrum CBD oil. It allows for blending with other cannabinoids, not just CBD.

They have lab test results showing precise information about the exact quantities of CBD, THC, CBG, terpenes, and other cannabinoids in the vape pen. Each vape pen contains full-spectrum CBD distillate and plant-based terpenes. 

The vape pens contain about 75% cannabinoids, 10% terpenes, and 15% of other oils and extracts from the hemp plant.

Enjoy Hemp

Enjoy Hemp offers high-quality CBD vape pens. Their vapes have great flavors. The pens undergo full lab testing. The tests are specifically done for purity and to ensure there are no more than 100 contaminants, all while helping to ensure customers receive the correct amount of CBD.

Each vape pen contains 500mg of pure CBD with no fillers. Enjoy Hemp offers three disposable options for CBD vape pens: broad-spectrum CBD, CBD+CBN, or CBD+CBG.

Secret Nature

Secret Nature is a CBD manufacturer that has over 20 years of experience in producing CBD vape pens. Their disposable vape pens contain full-spectrum CBD extract.

The vape pens they produce are effective in producing tasty flavors. They contain no artificial additives and Secret Nature offers seven strains for you to choose from. Overall, the Sativa strains will provide you with much-needed relaxation and relief


Avida offers CBD vape pens. They are made in the USA using hemp-extracted CBD isolate. Each vape pen has around 300 puffs. 

Basically, users will get 100mg of CBD isolate in a 1ml vape pen. Avida guarantees the safety, purity, quality, and consistency of their vape pens through 3rd party lab testing. Even beginners will appreciate the five options available in the pre-filled pens. 

Funky Farms

Funky Farms has been offering disposable CBD vape pens for some time. Each of their pens contains 300mg of CRD and everything is free from cutting agents and fillers. They only contain hemp extract and natural terpenes.

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