Best HHC Vape Cartridges for 2023

While favorably new, HHC is a potential cannabinoid that is quickly gaining attention all over the world. The list of HHC flavors is growing steadily and now is the best time to explore this cannabinoid. Below are the best HHC pre-filled cartridges in the market. 


Tribe Tokes is an industry leader in the vape products sector. Their HHC one-gram vape cartridges come with a full spectrum HHC that is blended with natural THC, CBD, and CBG. It currently has four hemp flavors that use all-natural strains. 


  • It is produced by a well-known and respected brand
  • Third-party lab result tests for the cartridge are available for you to check out
  • It uses HHC which has been blended with THCv and CBD for the full spectrum cannabinoid benefits.
  • It does not contain any fillers, additives, or cutting agents.
  • It is produced using pure hemp that has been grown and processed in the USA
  • The cartridge and ceramic coil are of the best quality


  • It is a favorably expensive option, especially when you are buying the cartridges individually 


Binoid is another reputable brand that specializes in vape products. Their HHC cartridges have been received well in the market. These HHC cartridges contain 94% HHC and natural plant terpenes flavors. 


  • Has many positive reviews from consumers
  • Has a wide range of flavors
  • Has a subscription to save you money


  • Quite expensive when there are no offers


Koi is a CBD brand that recently ventured into the HHC industry with their own impressive cartridge 


  • Has unique flavor combinations
  • Makes high-quality glass and steel cartridges
  • Has countless positive reviews
  • Independent lab test results are available
  • Only produced using American hemp


  • It only has three flavor options

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